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Niro Customer Testimonials

So pleased with the system I could be a spokesperson for your corp.  I have a Bose in one room, Klipsch in my large room Pioneer in my bar and these in my den.  These beat the Bose and Pioneer and keep up with the big boys for room size.  They are the first single panel system that actually delivers a true surround sound that I have heard.  Bose 321 are horrible.  I so glad I came across these. They should be in every electronic warehouse.
Its hard to purchase an item when you have never viewed it in person, but your website gave such life like effects it truly simplifies the purchase process.
Thanks again. Simply excellent.

Dr. Ed Staver, Streator, IL.

After speaking to one of your sales representatives who were extremely helpful I purchased a unit from a recommended local store.  I even bought the movie Pearl Harbour which the sales person recommended if I really wanted to experience a lot of surround, I can honestly say that if it was not for the great sound effects I would have turned the movie off half way through, the planes truly did fly through the back of my head.

Tony, Toronto, ON

Great job done, 5 stars.

Kenny, Las Vegas, NV

I've got an open concept living room/dining room and kitchen with my TV in a corner - a challenging room to say the least. There's no way I could ever run rear speakers. So I purchased the Niro HPS1000 and wow what a surprise. I was expecting the same sound as in many "speaker bars" - what a difference - absolutely no comparison."

Jeff Brown VA

As good as the reviews read that I found on the web they still do not do the unit justice.  I have the Niro620 and it truly is outstanding. 

Stephen, Boston , MA.

I bought the Niro 1000 unit more out of curiosity and with every intention of returning the unit within the 30 day money back guarantee.  I placed in a movie I my DVD player and in options chose DTS as a the listening option, instantly the DTS opening sound made me feel that I was in my local theatre, I was sold from that moment on. I have referred this unit to many friends already.  Thanks.

Thomas, Dallas, TX.

How can this be?  I find myself asking this question every time I listen to my Niro 1000.  I know the sound is coming from my Niro speaker, but the sound is coming from everywhere else.  Congrats Niro.

Trevor, New York, NY

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